Heal Yourself Program



Free yourself from your past.
Release unprocessed emotions and trauma.


During the Heal Yourself program, you become aware of unconscious thought-patterns that affect your behavior on a daily basis. We dive deep into your subconscious mind to let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You will release unprocessed emotions from the past that are preventing you to live more freely.

Make space for what you long for.

Deep down you feel that you have a mission. That there is something you have to do. But it’s not quite done yet. You feel held back by something inside. You are held back by limiting beliefs, old patterns or old trauma that keeps re-appearing.

Release old trauma.

During the Heal yourself program we work with different methods such as systemic work: family constellations, mindfulness and breathing therapy. This gives you insight into your primary survival mechanisms and where they found ground. You transform false beliefs that lock you in your interactions with others. Unprocessed emotions are lived through and released.

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Do you suffer from…

  • Stuck behavioural patterns / unprocessed emotions
  • Re-living painful situations from your past
  • Shortness of breath due to rushed, high or shallow breathing
  • (Recovering from) Burnout / stress related symptoms
  • Muscle tension or muscle tightness
  • Poor sleep, fatigue

    Then, this program is for you.


You want to live life to the fullest but ‘something’ undefined is holding you back. It’s like there is an invisible obstacle, that keeps you in the look of the same kind of thoughts and behavioral patterns.

You long to break free from it. You want to feel freer and let go where you’ve been adjusting too far. Expectations from society, your parents, and those of your own. So you can breathe again and finally make space for your own needs.

Free yourself from the burden of your past.

Make space to live in alignment with your authentic self

And you know by now, that the only way to release it is by diving into it.
To take a closer look at what you’ve been avoiding. Until now. But not without appropriate and professional guidance in your process. You’re right.

Breathing therapy is a wonderful technique that bridges the gap between your consciousness and your subconscious mind. You will experience that your body is a self-cleansing mechanism. And that your own breath is the most powerful tools to release and heal from old trauma. It’s a powerful inner healing tool that’s always available to you.

Breathwork has many benefits on a physical level as well as on a mental, emotional and spiritual level:

  • Deeper breathing and relaxation
  • Mental clarity and emotional calmness
  • Higher level of consciousness: awareness of yourself and conditioning
  • In tune with deeper feelings, and physical sensations
  • More energy and a higher level of vitality
  • Getting out of your head and ‘into your body’.

“We relive our past over and over again. Until we surrender and consciously let go of it. ”



During the Heal Yourself program you explore where your patterns come from. Which beliefs hinder you and transform your unprocessed ‘business’ from the past that stand in your way.

Within this individual transformation trajectory you work on one clearly defined theme that is currently blocking you. We work specifically on the conditioning that you want to let go of, so that inner space is created. The program consists of:

  • 1x intake session +/- 90 min. we define your ‘theme’ and primary transformation goal.
  • 1x (family) constellation (+/- 90 min) in which we investigate your system of origin.
  • 2x transformative breathing sessions (2x 120 min) in which you let go of unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • 1x experience based integration session (60 min), in which the transformed is given a place so that it stays with you.
  • Aftercare session through 1x reflection session of 30 min.

Results after the Heal Yourself program

  1. You know where your patterns originated from. You gained awareness in which conditionings you have inherited from your family system. The puzzle pieces of your own blueprint are ‘clicked together’.
  2. You released unprocessed emotions. You’ve ‘shed’ the burden from your past. You have clarified ‘unfinished’ matters and gained insight into (un)met needs.
  3. You feel free from the inner resistance. The blockages you felt before have been relieved and you have made space to breath and feel more deeply again.
  4. You have made space for your authentic self. Where you felt inner contraction and got stuck in adapted behaviour, now you feel space to make authentic choices again and taking care of what really matters to you.

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The investment for the Heal Yourself program is 2.222,- euro excl. VAT.
*The same rate is applied for individuals and entrepreneurs.

This program is on an individual basis. Therefore, full focus and
attention for your individual process is guaranteed.

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Interested in the ‘Heal Yourself program’? 
Then please book a matchcall with Dominique. During this call we discuss your current situation and whether a collaboration is appropriate at the moment. We also explore if this program suits you and your desired transformation best.

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A brief introduction…

My name is Dominique van Wingerden. It is my purpose to guide others aligning with theirs.

When I was born in ’88 into a down-to-earth butcher’s family, I never thought I would help others aligning with their purpose: their calling in life. I was the child who always asked the deeper “why” questions, but who never received any satisfying answers. 

Until I suddenly died during a boat accident when I was just fifteen years old. In one clear moment I gained insight into the meaning of life. It suddenly all made sense. Life itself, the purpose of it and how it was orchestrated. I suddenly remembered who and what I was and what I came to do here.

Yet, my own life’s journey after this experience was far from easy. A burnout after quitting my PhD and even a second time ‘at the gate’ after giving birth to my daughter about eighteen years later, were needed to help me integrate what I realised at the time.

Dying gave me profound insight into the meaning of life. It taught me a lot about myself, but most of all it taught me how to live. The years after my near-death experience were completely dominated by my own healing process. Both personally and professionally, my focus was on learning to apply those insights.

Since 2015, I have been working full-time as a counselor in my practice Pause to Play. In which I guide others in their remembering and healing process. It fulfills me deeply to be able to guide others in tuning in to their purpose and building a meaningful career.