About me


In the summer of 2003, I suddenly died.

Dying showed me who I truly am.
But more importantly, it taught me how to live.

Hi, my name is Dominique!

I was born in Leiden (’88) and grew up in a down to earth butcher-family. While growing up, I followed a socially responsible path: studying and participating in the corporate rat race. I worked in different environments such as the corporate world as well as the academic environment before I decided to start Pause to Play in 2015.

Since then, I have been guiding others on career related and personal leadership topics. Today, I have been able to supervise more than 6,000 individual counseling sessions. Work that I put my heart and soul into.

A near-death experience in 2003 due to a boating accident, was the reason for recognising my life’s purpose. The near-death experience turned my life upside down. It made me experience that consciousness is infinite. And it gave me insight into who we really are and the meaning of life.

The near-death experience changed my life completely.

That moment shifted everything I believed about life completely. Within me a substantial transformation had taken place. It suddenly had opened all doors within me. But it turned out to be just the trigger for my quest living a free life.

It took me many years to process the near death experience. Both mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually. The following years I faced with a few more life challenges, which eventually helped me to integrate the insights from the near death experience. Such as a serious burnout after quitting my PhD, and even a second time ‘at the gate’ after giving birth to my daughter about eighteen years later.

It’s my own bumpy life path that taught me how to live in connection with myself. So that I could take responsibility for myself and autonomously take control of my life. Both personally and professionally. It turned out to be my calling to share this with others.

I am convinced that we need each other remembering who we really are so that we can do what we came here to do in the first place. Guiding others in aligning with their inner compass – their most authentic self and their life’s purpose, is deeply fulfilling to me.

All of us, without exception, have a unique mission.

Our mission is a combination of our desires, talents, values ​​and motivations. It comes from a deeper layer of who we are and why we were born. Once we start using our thinking mind to carry out what our heart tells us do, we contribute to the New Earth together. A world in which we live and work from authenticity and together we will raise the collective level of consciousness.

My programs are down to earth. You learn how to tune into your authentic self, so that you can make clear life choices. Both personally and professionally. Choices that come from your inner wisdom. You let go of where you have been adjusted (too far) so that you can be true to yourself. Authentic leadership: living a fulfilled life and doing meaningful work, is simply available to everyone. Because it’s our true nature.

Are you ready to uncover your purpose to transform the world for the better?
Looking forward meeting you.

Dominique van Wingerden, MSc.

Professional background

Of course you don’t assume everyone’s knowledge. I wouldn’t either. You want guidance from a professional. Someone who does not tell you what to do, but guides you in your own process. And more importantly: someone who can show you the way, but who grants you your own process in your own pace. Someone who is mainly a clear mirror for you while you are taking the steps.

Whether you face a career transition, a relationship issue or physical stress complaints. It’s always about you. When working together, your topic is the entrance, what you will be working on is you. Transformation happens inside.

Over the past eighteen years I have not only worked intensively on my own awareness process, I also have a scientific background in organisational behaviour and psychology. I finished a master’s degree in human resource management and during my PhD I studied the relationship between personality and career success. In the years after, I completed a multitude of professional courses in the field of integral coaching and therapy. Such as: systemic coaching, breathing therapy, voice dialogue, mindfulness and shamanism.

For more information about my professional background, check my LinkedIn profile. Moreover, I’m also TMA certified and affiliated with the NOBCO professional association.

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MY Supervisor ABOUT ME:

“To me, Dominique is a rare mix of both softness and strength. She truly embodies her vision and purpose. With a pure heart and razor-sharp intuition, she quickly gets to the core of what requires healing. Working with her is transformative. The combination of her scientific background, entrepreneurial mindset and deep vision on life, define her high quality work best as:
‘Head in the sky and feet firmly on the ground’.”

“It’s my purpose guiding you aligning with yours.”

And providing you with life-long practical tools to follow your authentic journey in life.

Free E-book (in Dutch)

I am happy to help you start with the 3 basic principles for living a life of purpose and meaning.

Through my personal story about my near-death experience,
I share how I practically implemented the insights from that experience into
my day-to-day.

Living a life of purpose and meaning is available to everyone.


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